Advanced planning is like a fire drill: It teaches you what to do and how to proceed, even in a high stress situation, because you’ve been through the procedure so many time that you know it by heart. – Unknown

It seems that when planning and preparing to be ready there is always something that each new situation teaches us.   The past 48 hours is a good example of this.   To many get to the point that they think “oh it that wouldn’t happen here” even some skilled first responder have overlooked some of the basics at times.

  • What about that GO-KIT, JUMP-KIT, BUG-OUT Bag is it ready all the time?
  • Is the content of your GO-KIT fresh (good batteries, rations ready, how about water)?
  • In case the response is a longer than the normal 72 hours, do you have a “little extra?”
  • Do you have some gear prestaged in multiple locations (at home, work, workshop, in vehicle, etc.)?

Something else to consider is the location of shelters and safe rooms.  When you are out on the road do you know where the nearest shelter is?  Hopefully no one will need to rely upon a ditch for cover (even as a last resort).

When possible pre-plan and be situational aware where safe facilities are located in the areas that you are in.  With technology that is available that can provide guidance on the potential risk zone days in advance there is no reason for anyone to say “I didn’t know where to find shelter.”

Double check your GO-KIT, JUMP-KIT, BUG-OUT Bag make sure it is indeed Ready To Go the next time the call to Boot Up Be Ready is sounded.