VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocols

Custom Asterisk PBX Servers
Did you know that the Asterisk PBX Server can provide:
  • Plain Old Telephone Service – Connection to standard wired telephone services.
  • Internet Telephone Service – Low Cost telephone service over Internet.
  • RF Gateway – Two Way Radio Communications for Industrial/Business, Public Safety and Amateur Radio
  • Video Integration – Video Phone Services
  • Communications Restoration – A quick way to bring telephone service back to a area during and after emergency incidents.
  • Can Quickly Expand Existing PBX Services

Asterisk PBX Servers can be configured for the SOHO Owner to large multiple campus corporations.

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DARN SIMPLE Telecom going beyond just static in last mile connectivity, communications restoration, and R/VoIP services.  Creating last-mile connectivity solutions and IP Voice and RF Gateways.

Internet Telephone Service with PSTN (standard telephone) number access and toll-free numbers also available.